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Effective Change Communication

The ability to change and adapt has become increasingly important for organisations in recent years. The reality is, however, that any business seeking to survive in a VUCA world must master the accompanying challenges: digital transformation, changing customer behaviour and more. Moreover, the success of any new strategy depends on successful storytelling. Only with the right communication is it possible to get all stakeholders in a company – from the employees to the board of directors – pulling in the same direction and realising the necessary changes with full force.

This guidebook explains why humans are naturally averse to change, how to develop a clear change strategy, how to find the right story for the right stakeholders and how to use metaphors to bring a story to life and convince an audience. 

Books & Articles

Equity Storytelling

Investors pay more for a company when they buy its story.
This book shows how to tell a compelling equity story.

Equity Storytelling applies the tools of storytelling to the context of venture capital, M&A and private equity. Authors and storytelling consultants Veit Etzold and Thomas Ramge show you:

1. How to recognise potential for positioning a firm uniquely in the market.
2. How to mould disparate facts and story elements into a coherent, exciting narrative.
3. How to tell the story to the audience (the investor) so that he or she ‘buys’ it.

In a nutshell, it explains how to ‘think – tell – sell’.

While capital-seeking enemies seal their fate with dull PowerPoints, heroes tell equity stories with the tools of storytelling. Then, the story becomes the $tory.

To tell is to sell.

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Publications for IESE Insight:

With Dr. Philipp Wackerbeck, Partner Financial Services, Booz & Company and Prof. Alberto Ribera, IESE Business School: ‘Islamic Banking: Dawn of a New Era’, IESE Technical Note, February 2011 

With Dr. Philipp Wackerbeck, Partner Financial Services, Booz & Company and Prof. Alberto Ribera, IESE Business School: ‘Soul Searching after the Crisis – Islamic Banking Lessons for the Financial Sector’, IESE Insight Magazine, June 2011 

With Dr. Philipp Wackerbeck, Partner Financial Services, Booz & Company: ‘Going West, Again: The New Offshore Opportunity in the Arab World’, The European Financial Review, March 2012 

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