Der weiße Hai im Weltraum – Storytelling für Manager
(Jaws in Space – Storytelling for Managers) (language: German)

Wiley VCH Verlag, 268 Pages, September 2013

Managers spend 80 percent of their time communicating. Too bad, then, that most of what they say doesn’t stick with their audience. The reason for this is simple: that despite being born storytellers, humans have forgotten how to tell good stories. Unfortunately, a myth has proliferated in the corporate world that communication must be fact-heavy and formal in order to be taken seriously. As a consequence, media, bloggers and the gossip grapevine gain the power to put their own, more powerful spin on a company’s internal and external communications. Simply, their stories are usually better – and the company and its value propositions fall by the wayside. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Der weiße Hai im Weltraum shows businesses how to benefit from the methods used by best-selling authors and Hollywood moviemakers without descending into frivolity. It reawakens readers’ innate skill for telling exciting, attention-grabbing stories. After all, human beings are born storytellers: they only need to rediscover this role.

Expert reviews:

Facts come and go. Stories stay.“
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Antifragile

“People don’t buy facts – they buy stories. In his characteristically accessible and entertaining style, Veit Etzold shows how managers can use storytelling to steer their company ship.”
Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment until 2011

“As presented by Veit Etzold, storytelling is a persuasive way to turn the analytical into action while engaging with executives on an emotional level. For consultants, it’s an essential part of working effectively with clients.”
Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst, Managing Director Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), Germany/Switzerland/Austria

“In the modern business world, managers and staff are bombarded with information. This makes it increasingly necessary for important messages to be communicated clearly and effectively. Veit Etzold’s approach helps executives at all levels to make use of these management methods.”
Roland Polte, Chief Executive of Personnel, Dräxlmaier Group

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