Profile – Keynote Speaker Prof. Dr. Veit Etzold

Profile – Keynote Speaker
Prof. Dr. Veit Etzold


Strategy is the way you plan to achieve your goals in combat against the competition.
Similarly, a story is the way in which the hero reaches a happy ending in combat against the villain.
This is why stories are the best way to explain strategies and the first step towards successful strategy implementation.

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Strategy: Dr. Veit Etzold worked for many years as a consultant in banking and insurance for the Boston Consulting Group and its Strategy Institute. He holds a PhD in media studies and an MBA from IESE Business School.

Storytelling: Dr. Etzold is the author of several books about communication and storytelling, among them for Wiley Publishing and for the German edition of the Harvard Business Review. His mastery of language can also be observed in bestselling thrillers such as Final Cut and Agony, which have stormed the Spiegel bestseller list and been translated into more than seven languages to date.

Transformation: Dr. Etzold has worked in media management (Bertelsmann), start-ups, banking and insurance (Allianz Group) and management consulting (BCG, Booz & Company). He provides advice to numerous companies in Germany and around the world on the use of storytelling to formulate and implement strategies. He is also a sought-after keynote speaker.

Veit Etzold helps companies develop, communicate and implement strategies. In doing so, he helps global enterprises to sell high-margin, intangible services and to position and differentiate their brands in an increasingly competitive environment.

The more complex the strategy and the more abstract the service, the better the story needs to be. Only a good story can make a service tangible and easy to understand. Similarly, only a good story can persuade listeners of the uniqueness of a company and its products.

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