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CHANGE STORYTELLING: using the right story to communicate and implement a strategy.

Big change initiatives, global transformations or strategic realignment of the company: only a strategy that comes with the right story will be understood and implemented by your staff. Storytelling makes your change initiative a success. Because: STRATEGY + STORY = TRANSFORMATION

SALES STORYTELLING: using the right story to get past the bouncer in your client’s brain

Unlike classic “hard sell” methods, storytelling does not try to „push“ principle. Your customers hear a good story about your product. And they realise that they need this product and no other. Because: TO TELL IS TO SELL

EQUITY STORYTELLING: mit der Equity Story den Unternehmenswert steigern.

In keinem anderen Kontext sind Geschichten wertvoller als bei Venture Capital, Private Equity, M&A und Börsengängen. Für alle, die ein Unternehmen verkaufen wollen, lohnt es sich mit den Techniken jener auseinander zu setzen, die vom Verkauf von Geschichten im Wortsinn leben. Dazu braucht es einen Helden, einen Schurken, einen Wendepunkt und ein Happy End.


DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Content marketing and the customer journey in the markets of tomorrow

While the sheer volume of information available in the digital world grows without bounds, the user’s attention span is getting shorter and the struggle for the “eyeball attention” of the customer is merciless. After all, the competition is only a click away. Digital storytelling helps you to serve millions of customers in a scalable business by using a good story to give each customer the feeling of being unique. Because: CONTENT + CUSTOMER IS KING

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