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CHANGE STORYTELLING: Using the right story to communicate and implement a strategy.

Whether big change initiatives, global transformations or the strategic realignment of a business: only a strategy that is presented with the right story will be understood and implemented by staff. Storytelling is integral to the success of change initiatives – because STRATEGY + STORY = TRANSFORMATION


SALES STORYTELLING: Using the right story to get past the bouncer in your client’s brain

Unlike conventional ‘hard sell’ methods, storytelling does not work based on the ‘push’ principle. Simply, customers hear a good story about your product and realise that they need it and no other. Quite simply: TO TELL IS TO SELL


EQUITY STORYTELLING: Increasing the value of your business with an equity story

Nowhere are stories more valuable than in venture capital, private equity, M&A and IPOs. For anyone who wants to sell a company, it is worthwhile getting to grips with the techniques used by real-life professional story-writers. This requires a hero, a villain, a turning point and a happy ending. You need a STORY to have a $TORY


DIGITAL STORYTELLING: Content marketing and the customer journey in the markets of tomorrow

As the volume of available digital information continues to expand exponentially, users’ attention spans become shorter and the ‘fight for their eyeballs’ more relentless – after all, the competition is only a click away. Digital storytelling helps you serve millions of customers in a scalable business by using an effective story to make each customer feel unique. Remember: CONTENT + CUSTOMER IS KING


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