Selling high-margin products with storytelling

Keynotes and workshops – Selling High-Margin Products with Storytelling

A gripping story can help a company position itself better than the competition. It can also help to establish high prices and margins and to move the company beyond a realm in which customers’ buying decisions are made via direct price comparisons. Do not forget that the more abstract the product (e.g. a banking product or a strategic consulting service), the less likely it will be subject to impulse buying. This makes it all the more necessary to fill the virtual ‘emptiness’ of such intangible products with a compelling story. Just as Ridley Scott pitched his film Alien as “Jaws in space”, so we can work together to devise the perfect story and mission for your services.

What are the challenges of storytelling in strategy consulting? To find out more, read Veit Etzold’s German-language essay ‘How do you convince the customer?’ in Harvard Business Manager (October 2013) or the English-language essay ‘Jaws in Space: Why storytelling is important’ in The European Financial Review (August – September 2013).

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