Thriller – In The Footsteps of Death

In The Footsteps of Death (Dem Tod auf der Spur)
Thirteen Spectacular Cases from Forensic Medicine

With Prof. Dr. Michael Tsokos, Director of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Charité Hospital, Berlin

Ullstein Verlag
4 November 2009, 272 pages

„Not a reference book, but a fascinating documentary of thirteen real cases.“
Berliner Morgenpost, 29.03.09

„Highly informative and as exciting as a thriller.“
TV – Hören und Sehen, 17.04.09

„After reading this book you will have learned so much about its methods of inquiry that you might even have a certain advantage over the detectives in the next thriller you read.“
Brigitte, 03.06.09

„More suspense than in any thriller. The book shows: Nothing is more exciting than reality!“
Frank Schätzing, bestselling German author of “The Swarm”

Michael Tsokos, born in 1967 in Kiel, Germany, is Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Charité Hospital in Berlin. He heads the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Charité and the State Institute of Forensic and Social Medicine in Berlin. He is Germany’s most famous forensic pathologist and regularly acts as an expert at home and abroad, for example by helping the UN with the identification of civilian casualties in war zones.

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