Guardian of Death (Todeswächter)

Bastei Lübbe
, Paperback, 445 pages

First Release: 08/15/2014

ISBN: 978-3-404-16991-7

“A psycho-thriller such as we have come to know only from the likes of Mo Hayder or Cody Mcfadyen.”


Veit Etzold’s new thriller is nothing for the fainthearted. Following FINAL CUT and AGONY, Berlin inspector Clara Vidalis hunts down a serial killer who is obsessed with the subject of death watches.
With FINAL CUT and AGONY, Veit Etzold wrote his way into the league of top thriller authors. FINAL CUT and AGONY have each sold 100,000 copies, and the press is ranking him on par with the top American thriller writers.

A series of puzzling murders has shocked Berlin. There is no connection between the victims, except for the perpetrator’s signature style. After the people are killed, their bodies are conspicuously displayed. The police find antique coins in their mouths. But here’s the most peculiar aspect: there are clear indications that the perpetrator spends a good deal of time together with his victims. And yet the DNA collected at each of the crime scenes is different. Could it be that there are multiple killers at work?

„A well constructed thriller full of suspense“ writes the Playboy (german) pdf

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