Death Deal (Todesdeal)

1. October 2015, 480 pages

A brutal war has been raging in the African Republic of the Congo for years. It is a war for precious resources that are exploited aplenty in this bitterly poor country, resources that are necessary for every digital device on this planet. Martin, a young journalist from Berlin, travels to Congo for his first major research assignment. Shortly after his arrival he is taken hostage by the militia of a local warlord. To his surprise a businesswoman from Ruanda ransoms him – but not without a price. The inexperienced journalist falls into the ruthless hands of Russian oligarchs, Chinese investors and German arms dealers. Too late he realizes that he is only a bargaining chip in a geopolitical game of powers in which the distribution of raw materials for the 21st century is negotiated – and that his first big research assignment could be his last.

Press information: Droemer

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