Agony (Seelenangst)

Bastei Lübbe, 
Paperback, 414 pages,

First Release: 08/16/2013
ISBN: 978-3-404-16844-6

Thriller – Agony

„An ice cold, very brutal, but also highly suspenseful shocker. Nothing for the faint at heart.“

Prisma on Etzold’s FINAL CUT

Veit Etzold’s debut thriller, FINAL CUT, immediately went onto Der Spiegel’s bestseller list and has since sold a total of 100,000 copies.

In AGONY, Berlin detective commissioner Clara Vidalis is called upon to investigate a new case involving an explosive topic: the phenomenon of conditioning—the possibility of splitting the human personality and thereby transforming an individual into a robot who commits murder and remembers nothing afterward.

Clara Vidalis, an expert in pathological psychology in the Berlin State office of Criminal Investigations, has barely recovered from her relentless hunt for a serial killer called the “Nameless One,” when the capital is rocked by a new and even more treacherous series of slayings. A man who calls himself the “Dragon” and believes he is an instrument of the devil on earth is possessed with a gruesome mission. He murders people who, from outward appearances, play exemplary roles in society.

Such as the creator of a foundation that strives to provide new homes for children from slum areas and enjoys great esteem in political circles and the media. Soon after the murder, however, a young boy who lives in a children’s home comes forward and presents the police with a USB stick he has received from an unknown person. The drive contains evidence about the true motivation of the foundation’s creator, motives which could not be more appalling.

Further murders and information that the killer deliberately leaves at the crime sights enable Clara and her team to construct a clear criminal profile of the Dragon. That is, until the day forensic evidence found on one of the victims reveals something: the killer is clearly a woman. The Dragon’s satanic background and absolute obsession point Clara in the direction of Rome and the Vatican’s chief exorcist.

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