Strategy is the way to achieve your goals
in combat against the competition.
A story is the way the hero reaches a happy end
in combat against the villain.
That‘s why a story is the best way to explain
a strategy. And thus it is the first step towards
its successful implementation.

Storytelling – Strategie and Storytelling

Man is a born storyteller. That is no cliché; at least it is more than a cliché, a fact proven by brain research. The brain employs has a kind of doorman, a bouncer who filters out unwanted information. It is known as the amygdala, a name derived from the Latin word for almond. The amygdala has a pretty demanding job since it has to protect us from data overload, from being swamped with information. And because ever since the Stone Age we have told each other our “best practices” in the form of stories, the amygdala show no mercy in booting out anything that does not sound like a story. Fact-laden lectures and boring PowerPoint charts are treated as uninvited and unwanted guests.

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