Organisational-based storytelling
a story of individual business areas

Keynotes and workshops – Organizational Based Storytelling


  • SMEs
  • Corporations
  • CEOs and top managers undertaking change projects
  • Consultancies advising clients in change management situations

Duration: situation-dependent, approximately 2-4 weeks

The common discrepancies between self-perception and perception by others are not only experienced by individuals; rather, corporate advertising often accidentally portrays an image of the company that does not match up with its internal strategy. For example, some corporations set ambitious objectives for the advancement of women, but continue to advertise with images of women that would be more befitting of the 1950s.

In organisational-based storytelling (OBS), we work with clients to examine the organisational structure of the company and the allocation of strategic resources. In addition, we use focus group interviews to compare the current communication strategy of each unit and the parent company with the defined strategic objectives. From these findings, we derive individual stories and value propositions for the company units, discuss a common mission statement and vision, and harmonise these with the advertising claims of the company in the market. In so doing, we create an authentic corporate image in which all elements are coherent and consistent.

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