Equity Storytelling

Keynotes Speaker – Keynote: Equity Storytelling

To tell is to sell: using the right story to raise the value of your company

Equity storytelling is the art of telling a good story to get a better price in a corporate transaction.

Nowhere are stories more valuable than in venture capital, private equity, M&A and IPOs. For anyone who wants to sell a company, it is worthwhile getting to grips with the techniques used by real-life professional storytellers: novel writers, thriller writers, scriptwriters, biographers and journalists.

Equity storytelling is about finding ways of transferring the analytical and creative skills of fiction and non-fiction authors to the context of corporate transactions. This combination of creative force with basic analytical and strategic skills is surprisingly effective. (Based on the book Equity Storytelling by Veit Etzold and Thomas Ramge).

For more information, see Equity storytelling with Veit Etzold and ‘Greedy or fearful: Is investor’s sentiment at a turning point?’ (English-language PDF). The corresponding English-language book is available here via Kindle.

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