To tell is to sell – Using the right story to get past the bouncer at the door of the brain

Motivating – Inspiring – Informative – Witty

Book Veit Etzold for the ultimate keynote on storytelling or strategy – for an event that’s unforgettable

  • Germany’s number one keynote speaker on the theme of storytelling, with an expertly tailored blend of business insight, thriller-style intrigue and infotainment that will elevate and enrich any event
  • Inspire and persuade management, staff, customers and other stakeholders with lasting effect, helping you instantly turn bright ideas into tangible change!
  • Compelling, humorously delivered insights from a 12-time Spiegel bestselling author – one who understands how to carry listeners on a journey and how storytelling can be used to show a person, a product, a strategy or a company to its best advantage
  • Talks that capture the imagination and inspire listeners to spring into action
  • Customer acclaim: “Certainly the best talk I’ve attended in the last twenty years!” “Brilliant, witty, entertaining, compelling, inspiring, instructive and packed with inputs for everyday practice. Storytelling in the very best sense of the word!”
  • Based on a wealth of real-world experience: Professor Veit Etzold draws on more than 20 years’ experience in top strategy consultancies, DAX-listed companies, SMEs and global business schools
  • ​​The latest findings from the “VIP lounge of the human brain”: discover insights from Professor Veit Etzold’s Neuromarketing Competence Center

Companies that have already benefited:


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Keynote Speaker for strategy and storytelling

Why should I book Professor Veit Etzold as a keynote speaker?

Do you want your management team, employees and guests to be simultaneously entertained and inspired? Do you want to instil practice-oriented bright ideas for positioning and “selling” complex products, ideas and strategies through the power of a good story? If so, consider booking Professor Veit Etzold for your next event.

Veit’s ideas stay with an audience long after the event thanks to a proven recipe for success:

Intrigue + inspiration + humour + call-to-action

Be inspired and informed by Germany’s no. 1 storytelling and strategy expert

“A very inspiring and memorable introduction to storytelling. Our managers loved the presentation – some even got to work implementing this powerful technique directly after the coffee break!“

Claude Chèvre, Member of the Board at Hannover Re SE
(Life/Health Reinsurance Division)
“People don’t buy facts – they buy stories. In his characteristically accessible and entertaining style, Veit Etzold shows how managers can use storytelling to steer their company ship.”

Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, CEO of Sony Music Entertainment until 2011
“Veit Etzold’s storytelling presentation was the highlight of the TEDx-Event in Munich.”

Rudolf Repgen –
Managing Director, IESE Business School Germany
“Entertaining, instructive and designed for action: our teams were able to integrate the stories into their customer work immediately and with great success. No off-the-peg stories here: Veit helped us develop custom sales stories that perfectly express what our business is about.”

Volker Mayr
Senior Vice President I Attract & Develop Business at E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH
“As presented by Veit Etzold, storytelling is a persuasive way to turn the analytical into action while engaging with executives on an emotional level. For consultants, it’s an essential part of working effectively with clients.”

Dr. Klaus-Peter Gushurst
Managing Director of Strategy& (formerly Booz & Company), Germany/Switzerland/Austria
“Veit Etzold’s storytelling is where humour meets expertise and intrigue meets passion and emotion. Certainly the best talk I’ve attended in the last 20 years.”

Wolfgang Altenstrasser
VOK DAMS Agency for Events and Live Marketing

Keynote Speaker for strategy and storytelling



“One speaker – one talk –
one unforgettable event!”
The perfect talk for your next event –
in person or online.Inquire now!

Three reasons to book Veit Etzold as your keynote speaker

20 years of business experience

Veit Etzold looks back on a distinguished career that spans roles in the banking, financial services (Allianz) and consulting sectors, including five years at the Boston Consulting Group. He is an ESMT programme director and holds an MBA from IESE Business School. He also advises a number of SMEs, private equity firms and DAX-listed companies.

As a professor of storytelling and neuromarketing, Veit is uniquely positioned to understand what’s going on in other people’s heads and why stories work so fantastically as a medium of information transfer.

When you book a talk from Veit, you can expect a wealth of insight, even more humour and – of course – the most important dos and don’ts of successful storytelling.

Known from press, radio and TV


12-time Spiegel bestselling author

As one of Germany’s most successful thriller authors, Veit understands how and why a story works. His twelve Spiegel bestsellers have sold almost two million copies between them. People pay money for his stories!

Do you, too, want customers to pay money for your product on the basis of a compelling story? Do you want employees to ‘buy in’ to your strategy story? And what actually makes a good story or thriller? A thriller carries readers on a journey into a world that exists only in the writer’s imagination. This is exactly the aim of a strategy story – which is set in the future, but needs to be conveyed effectively in the present so that the ‘protagonists’ know what to do.

One of Europe’s top keynote speakers on strategy and storytelling

As one of Europe’s top keynote speakers on the theme of strategic positioning and storytelling, Veit Etzold is dedicated to ensuring that his 30, 45 or 60 minutes with your audience generates an impact that is as entertaining as it is instructive and lasting.

Three reasons, one speaker, one outcome:

The perfect talk for your next event – in person or online.Remember the motto: to tell is to sell!

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